baseboards make such a difference

Baseboards. Such a simple project in reality but one that kept getting pushed down on the to do list. That to do list of random unfinished projects that has been haunting us all 2011 but thankfully we crossed a lot off that off in the last two weeks.

We had the wood floors installed last February and have been living with the gaps between the floor boards and the old baseboards. When you have 5 furry creatures living with you, it becomes a trap for pet hair and dust which makes cleaning the gaps an annoying task. 

The first day of my vacation, I lined up the pre-primed baseboards outside and took advantage of the sunny day to get them all painted with two coats of white paint. Like my handy bucket and 2×4 support system for painting? Gotta make due with what you have on hand. 

We have high ceilings and need to cover the existing baseboards that were flush with the drywall throughout the house so we went with 4 and 1/4 inch baseboards. We shopped around and found the best price at a local lumber yard on pre-primed boards. Such a time saver to not have to prime the boards too.

All you need to finish baseboards is a tape measure, chop saw, a nail gun and some patience. The hubby took care of these while I was doing other things around the house and i was surprised how quickly they went up. Such a nice finish to the space. It really pulls the rooms together now.

We have finished all the main living areas, which are the most time consuming because of all the random corners and now will be working our way into the bedrooms. My house is starting to look polished!

Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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  1. says

    Oh baseboards are the best! But I hate installing them. We lived for about a year with out them and another year later we still have a few walls that need to be finished. Send your husband over when he’s done, please?

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  2. Kelly says

    Looks great! They make such a difference, don’t they? This was a project that we put off for far too long too, then once we did it, we were kicking ourselves because it was huge impact for minimal effort.

  3. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    It is amazing what trim can do to help a room feel finished. I am not looking forward to dealing with mine at all!

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