baseboards make such a difference

Baseboards. Such a simple project in reality but one that kept getting pushed down on the to do list. That to do list of random unfinished projects that has been haunting us all 2011 but thankfully we crossed a lot off that off in the last two weeks.We had the wood floors installed last February and have been living with the gaps between the floor boards and the old baseboards. When you have 5 furry creatures living with you, it becomes a trap for pet hair and dust which makes cleaning the gaps … [Read more...]

rest in peace dear christmas tree…

You read that right, our Christmas tree has moved on to a better life in the mulch pile. Right before Christmas too. I may have shed a tear or two but it had to go. Poor thing was dead and my floor around the tree looked like this several times a day. I wonder who had a hand, I mean paw, in the early demise of this tree. Good thing she is cute. It is sad to see it go so soon but since we don't have kids so I had to be realistic. The mess was too much with all the projects we have going on right … [Read more...]