refinishing an exposed beam ceiling – part 1

We are starting off the year with a big project. One that will hopefully lead a finished family room in the first half of the year. The space currently looks like this. This room was one of the biggest selling points for us. It is a massive room with tons of character which makes it great for entertaining. It had some odd features like tons of dingy painted slump brick we had to refresh and a 3 foot deep planter and fountain in the corner that we lovingly called that the litterbox that had to … [Read more...]

rest in peace dear christmas tree…

You read that right, our Christmas tree has moved on to a better life in the mulch pile. Right before Christmas too. I may have shed a tear or two but it had to go. Poor thing was dead and my floor around the tree looked like this several times a day. I wonder who had a hand, I mean paw, in the early demise of this tree. Good thing she is cute. It is sad to see it go so soon but since we don't have kids so I had to be realistic. The mess was too much with all the projects we have going on right … [Read more...]