blue skies ahead – robin’s egg blue porch ceiling

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had lots of fun with good friends and managed to tackle a decent amount of house projects too, which to me equals a great weekend!
No surprise that HGTV and DIY Network are probably my favorite channels so they are usually on in the background even if I’m not watching them. I think it was on House Hunters (or something like that) I heard that on certain islands Caribbean they paint porch ceilings shades of blue to ward away bad spirits. It got in my head that I wanted a robin’s egg blue ceiling around the time I decided I wanted a robin’s egg blue door. And of course once I get something in my head, it happens…it may take months to get done but it happens.
This is what our porch looked like after we painted the brick, painted the door, and updated porch light and mailbox.
Just in case you are new around these parts, this is a reminder of what we started with. So even the little updates make a difference.
I came home with a stash of FrogTape from the Haven Conference and put it to good use while painting the porch. I kept the beams white and just used the robin’s egg blue paint on the ceiling itself. Can I tell you how much I love this tape? Because I do, I really do. Really clean lines which is says a lot since I am the messiest painter ever.

Since our porch really isn’t all that big, I cranked this out in a short time. Two coats of paint and our porch ceiling finally matches the door. And for those observant folks out there, yes, the color is the same as our living room which you can see through the window. What can I say? I love this color.

A quick google search proved that blue porch ceilings are also really common in the South. Just in case you are confused, South Florida is not the South…at all. That explains why I never heard about blue porch ceilings until I saw it on TV. I don’t care where it started, but I love the way it looks and am so happy how bright and cheery our house is looking now.
Amazing what a bit of paint can do! How was your weekend? Any paint or major project tackled?

***Frog Tape is not sponsoring this post. They gave all Haven attendees some tape in our swag bags but I still had my own stash at home. My comments are my own!***
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    So lovely! The ceiling and the painted brick. What an improvement from your before! Btw, I believe light blue porch ceilings are actually pretty common throughout much of the southern U.S. too. I think it’s called haint blue. (Haints are the spirits that are supposedly being warded off.)


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