1 year blog anniversary and a sneak peak

Well, it was actually yesterday but I was so tired I didn't move from the couch for most of the day. It has been a long and crazy year but it is so worth it. We closed on this house on the 21st of December last year. Most of our friends and family thought we had lost our minds especially when the house was looking like this. I started this blog with this post thanks to my cousin, JandJHome's encouragement. I've had so much fun documenting the journey and sharing it with all of you. I can't wait … [Read more...]

another brick in the wall – painted brick

Back in September I won the Wagner Power Painter Plus from Wagner and My Repurposed Life. I shared the project reveal over there a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with you here in case you didn't make the trip over to Gail's to check it out. Our family room is covered in slump brick, a thin and uneven brick with deep grooves which makes painting it a tedious task. Since we bought this fixer upper in December of last year we have lived with the dingy painted brick that is sprinkled with … [Read more...]

paint sprayer project revealed

So enough suspense, if you want to know what I did with this new toy...Via Wagner Please give My Repurposed Life a visit today. The paint sprayer helped us begin a major transformation in one room of our house.I'm also now officially addicted to my Wagner Paint Sprayer. I'm going to paint everything in sight with this thing!If you are a friend of Gail's joining me, welcome!!Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]

c table – ana white plans

I was able to build a table thanks to Ana White! A great little C table on wheels for our family room. This was my inspiration and I followed her instructions on almost every step. The only difference was our material list. Ana White suggests MDF but we had a ton of scrap plywood and access to a table saw so we cut down the plywood to her suggested sizes instead. I also used a nail gun instead of screws. That was fun.Click on the link below for her full tutorial and material list. My post is … [Read more...]

old to new – midcentury cabinet

I'm loving my "new" piece of furniture!During my sanity break a couple of weeks ago, I picked up this little mid-century modern wine cabinet at a thrift store. The formica was beat up everywhere and it needed help but it was only $18 so I brought it home. I got the look from the hubby who thought I was insane when he unloaded it from the car. He said it was "interesting" and it was going to be a good piece for me to "practice" on. He walked away and I may or may not have stuck my tongue out at … [Read more...]

a pirate’s life for me

We have a pirate bathroom. I know you are jealous and have always wanted pirate ship wallpaper. Admit it. Paired with pink and grey tile, a prehistoric vanity and built-in wall heater, it is definitely a stylish space.We have a pirate kitty too so it was a good excuse for the 9 months we lived with this bathroom. Annie needed to feel the new house was safe for her pirate kitty ways.Yes, she really only has one eye.Annie is settled so I thought it would be a good idea to tackle finally removing … [Read more...]