a pirate’s life for me

We have a pirate bathroom. I know you are jealous and have always wanted pirate ship wallpaper. Admit it. Paired with pink and grey tile, a prehistoric vanity and built-in wall heater, it is definitely a stylish space.

We have a pirate kitty too so it was a good excuse for the 9 months we lived with this bathroom. Annie needed to feel the new house was safe for her pirate kitty ways.

Yes, she really only has one eye.
Annie is settled so I thought it would be a good idea to tackle finally removing the wallpaper. I needed something to keep me entertained while the hubby was sanding down the plaster in the master bedroom. I did some research and armed myself with an arsenal of wallpaper removing tools – steam cleaner, a wall paper scorer, DIF, gloves and a metal spatula thing.

I was on a special mission to save a few pieces of the wallpaper in strips. Believe or not, I’ve had a few requests for intact pieces of the wallpaper. Apparently, pirate ship wallpaper is a hot commodity. Due to this special mission I decided to try the steamer method first. It didn’t  work that well. I also managed to slip and land on the nozzle of the steam cleaner and proceeded to break one of the attachments. Not a great start.

I sprayed DIF all over the bathroom. I really saturated the paper until to I could tell it was visibly wet with the DIF gel. The bottle says to wait 15 – 20 minutes for it work so I sat down and watched some TV to take a break. Then I went on a wallpaper removing frenzy.

Two hours later I was left with this. I celebrated by having a beer.

Another hour later after using some good old elbow grease and some rags, I cleaned off all the leftover DIF and paper scraps that were stuck. I also cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. Is it crazy that I partly feel sad the wallpaper is gone? It made me laugh and it was the best way to describe the room.

“Which bathroom should I use?” 
“Go ahead and use the pirate bathroom”
I patched up the walls and closed up the random hole the old owners had left. Gave it all a couple of coats of white paint after a coat of primer. This is not a final fix, we do a better job of patching but this is as far as I got this weekend ;)
I put back the shower curtain, accessories and a new mirror and the bathroom looks somewhat respectable. This will one day (far, far away) be gutted and redone but for now at least there are no more pirates.
Are you new around these parts and haven’t been blessed with the insanity that is our house? Take a look at these photos so you can appreciate how crazy the former owners of this house were. I have no idea what they were thinking.  
Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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  1. says

    It’s amazing the difference with it gone! Much better.

    Sometimes I wonder with things like these… do you think they regretted it once they got it on the walls and just couldn’t admit it enough to take it down?

  2. Cortneyloo says

    I know how good it feels to have wallpaper removed as I’ve done it myself, but if it was pirate wallpaper I had gotten rid of I think it would be cause for a major celebration!


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