c table – ana white plans

I was able to build a table thanks to Ana WhiteA great little C table on wheels for our family room. 

This was my inspiration and I followed her instructions on almost every step. The only difference was our material list. Ana White suggests MDF but we had a ton of scrap plywood and access to a table saw so we cut down the plywood to her suggested sizes instead. I also used a nail gun instead of screws. That was fun.

Click on the link below for her full tutorial and material list. My post is just to show how it went for me. 
Via Ana White

We had so much plywood left over from all the countless projects around the house that this was just the most logical for us. 

Make sure to keep a level, tape measure, straight edge and one really cute mutt around to make this project go really smoothly. Isn’t Dylan the cutest handy helper? That dog is my everything. 

If you follow Ana’s plans, you’ll end up with a table that looks like this. I was tackling multiple projects that day as you can see. The feet peeking out behind the table are from my refinished mid-century cabinet.

I sanded, primed and painted it gray for the time being. This room is getting a major overhaul and I’m not sure what accent colors we are going for yet so I went simple. Yes, don’t worry, those ugly and stained tiles will be replaced with polished concrete hopefully in the next six months. My hope is when this room is close to finished, this table will be a bold color to accent the decor, for now it is cute and very useful.

We didn’t have a side table on this side of the sofa and I’m very happy how this turned out. It works out perfectly for my drink and laptop when I want to work or study from here so I can keep an eye on the mutts while they are playing outside. 


I’m excited to get to see Ana White at the Haven Conference next summer. I was very happy with her plans and I can’t wait to tackle something else.

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  1. Amy of The Salvage Collection says

    impressive…and a tad intimidating.

    and, btw, i’ll be topping your follow of my blog by following you via email! ha!

    work on, friend…

  2. Toqua's Crafts says

    Dyllan is GREAT! (Love the name – my eldest grandson is Dyllan :)

    What a great idea to put the table on wheels! You did a good job!

    (You commented on Gail’s FB post, so I clicked on your name… Glad I did! I’m liking you via FB now! :)

  3. Dana @ CraftedNiche.com says

    This is GREAT!!! I love Ana’s site too. It’s incredibly addicting. Love that you have a spot to drop your drink and laptop while the pups play. Too perfect. :-) Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods too. Can’t wait to read more on your blog!

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