craft room design – revealing my favorite place

I revealed my craft room/office when it was about 90% complete back in March. It was one of the first rooms we tried to finish so I would have my dedicated space for crafting, studying and working from home. I’ve been making tweaks to it since but I finally have our most recent updates to share. I spent a lot of time thinking of what my craft room design would be, but ultimately, I wanted an airy space with a bright color and a combination of light and dark furniture. It is playful but … [Read more...]

paint sprayer happiness!

I am so seriously excited this morning! I don't enter many giveaways but I'm so glad I entered the last one on My Repurposed Life. Thanks to My Repurposed Life and Wagner, I am the proud new owner of this baby! My very own Power Plus Paint Sprayer! Want a hint at what we will be tackling with this? All the brick in our life needs a shiny coat of paint and I am so thankful we won't be doing it with a brush. I'll be sharing my before and after post with many pictures … [Read more...]

start being awesome

 Another Pinterest inspiration. Are we noticing a trend here? My friend fell for this and since she swears she is not crafty she recruits me to make it for her. It was available at some point at an Etsy shop but the link no longer is valid. Via Pinterest - Etsy link is brokenA funny tidbit for you - this friend reports to me at work. We have been friends outside of work since before she started reporting to me. I think her recruiting me to do her craft projects is her way of getting me back for … [Read more...]

diy ikea chalkboard table – ikea hack

We only have furry kids but I am surrounded by a bunch of little ones thanks to all my friends. Most of them call me Tia - which is Spanish for Aunt -  so I try to keep up with the proper Auntie behavior and spoil them rotten. I have always wanted to pick up the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint but had no idea what I would make to justify the purchase. In comes the IKEA Lack Side Table and a reason to finally buy the paint. IKEA hacks are great because you can take a relatively inexpensive … [Read more...]

what happened to spring?

I admit, living in South Florida I’m quite spoiled in terms of weather.  I landed in Chicago yesterday and will be here most of the week on business. It is in the 30s in March. I thought it was spring?! I’m not prepared for this. Thankfully, I own a wool coat and boots but the rest of my wardrobe is seriously lacking for this weather. I will be locked up in a conference room most of the time in the Aon Center where our corporate office is so I should stay pretty warm. At least it is a great … [Read more...]

working 9 to 5 – craft room

I work full time in a demanding corporate job and also decided to take the plunge and start an MBA program last summer. Having a dedicated and organized space for all the work and school stuff going on was a top priority. I also love crafting so having a full room for all of this is a huge treat. Somehow I managed to convince the hubby that the first room is the house that had to be 90% done would be the office/craft room. Yes, even before the kitchen...I have my priorities straight ;)Our story … [Read more...]