what happened to spring?

I admit, living in South Florida I’m quite spoiled in terms of weather.  I landed in Chicago yesterday and will be here most of the week on business. It is in the 30s in March. I thought it was spring?! I’m not prepared for this. Thankfully, I own a wool coat and boots but the rest of my wardrobe is seriously lacking for this weather. I will be locked up in a conference room most of the time in the Aon Center where our corporate office is so I should stay pretty warm. At least it is a great looking building with a spectacular view of the lake and Millennium Park.
In an attempt to make me feel warmer, this is the Spring wreath I made before I left. I’ve never really decorated for anything but Halloween and Christmas but this house and neighborhood has inspired me to get a little more creative for other times of the year. I had this Styrofoam ring and a couple of “reams” of yarn on hand. A quick trip to Michaels’ later I scored this fake orchid for 50% off. 

I taped the yarn on the back end of the wreath and started wrapping as tightly as possible. This was a great task to do while watching my recorded accounting lectures. It helped keep me awake ;) After finishing up the wrapping I dabbled a bit of hot glue on the back to secure the yarn. Make sure you really keep a tight grip on your yarn during the process. The yarn is flexible and can easily leave you gaps on your wreath if you are not careful.
I cut off the long end of the stem of the orchid and attached it to the backside of the wreath using some hot glue. I bent the wire of the orchid to have it follow the curve of the wreath. Hot glue wouldn’t work to hold it in place because of the spring of the wire so I used a few pieces of the yarn to hold it tight and tied them in the back. 
 Spring time is here!
And just because these remind me of spring and they are gluten free. Peeps! Anyone else trying to bring a little spring into their home?
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  1. SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime says

    Beautiful wreath! Great job! Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop :)

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