i lost my mind – disney wine & dine half marathon

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Yeah, so apparently I was either drunk at 8am last week or abducted by aliens temporarily. Or really, really, really peer pressured by my best friend. I registered for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Do you realize I don’t really run? I mean, I do exercise and regularly walk/run 2. 5 miles. But run, like run a half marathon? No. I don’t do that. I tried to train for it a few years ago when Shannon decided she wanted to run a half, then I dropped out and she kept on running. I even made tshirts to cheer her on at the last Disney race. This time, even though she is pregnant and due this summer, she has somehow convinced her three closest friends to register for the November race. At least it is the WINE & Dine race.

Source - http://www.bondiband.com/
Source – http://www.bondiband.com/

For now, while I try and figure out running, I can at least craft up a fun running outfit. Since it is a Disney race costumes are a must. I am without a doubt making myself an R2D2 running outfit. Yes, I know I just proclaimed to the world what a big geek I am. It’s okay. I am proud of my geeky ways.

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I still am not sure I’ll survive, but at least I’ll go out rocking a DIY R2D2 running outfit. Have you heard of the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon or any of the other Run Disney events? I’m kinda excited since they are so much fun to watch, it has to be kinda fun to run, right? Maybe I’m still drunk. These sentences cannot be coming out of my mouth…


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  1. says

    you can do it! i am doing the american odyssey relay in 6 weeks…. i run 17 miles total over 3 legs over a 2 day period with a team of 12… a team sounds great but really when i actually run i will be alone! and i am scared. and slow. but we can do this, anna. we are strong! roar!

  2. Elo Garay Cruz says

    For sure you will make it, I love the outfit, cant wait, maybe will even go to cheer you at the end, with a $100 wine bottle.

  3. says

    Get that dress ready and get going! That dress has to be a part of the marathon!! :)

    BTW… I am back here after long and I like the new look. I am inspired to re-do my own blog-face after seeing this.

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