the perfect bridal shower favor – diy mason jar soy candles

Mason Jar Candles

Bridal shower favors (and baby shower favors) range from really cute to really tacky, from useful to useless. They definitely are not a necessity, but when the showers are small enough, they are nice-to-haves. That is only if they are along the lines of the really cute and useful type of favors. Or if they are edible ;) I think mason jar soy candles have topped my list for favors from now on.

I’ve seen tons of instructions out there but I used my dear bloggy friend, Tiffany from Living Savvy’s post to guide me through the process. I followed her steps overall and ended up with the adorable little favors for the romantic bridal shower I just hosted.

I used the small pint size mason jars which I’m able to buy inexpensively at our local grocery store. You can use any size container you have on hand, even recycle jars from your every day food items. How cute would little baby food jars be for a baby shower?

Melting wax is a messy project so make sure you cover your work area and move slowly while following the steps. Last thing you need is melted wax all over your kitchen. In case you are a messy crafter like me, make sure the hubby is not around so you don’t get that look while you are working on your candles ;)

Remember to use simple, light fragrances to make them appeal to the majority of the guests. I used folded paper doilies, some twine and a bit of ribbon to dress up the candles for the shower. Best part of decorating them like this is that guests can quickly remove the embellishments for a candle that works in almost any decor. 

Have you tried making soy candles yet? I wanted to make them as Christmas gifts this past year and completely slacked on trying them. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long because they are really easy and relatively inexpensive too!What’s your favorite bridal shower favors? Or are you in the camp that doesn’t believe in gifts for events like that?
Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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