happy 40th – simple mason jar centerpieces

Simple Mason Jar Centerpieces - Directions Not Included

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. We have a bunch of projects in different levels of progress but the weather has not been cooperating. Rain and humidity don't really help with painting, staining and outdoor fun. While we have the house stuff all over the place, at least I was able to get some simple mason jar centerpieces together for a party. … [Read more...]

hosting showers can be fun – romantic bridal shower decor


We'll just pretend I'm posting these right after the romantic bridal shower I threw a few weekends ago. My dear friend Ivelis, is tying the knot in early November. I love throwing her showers (did her baby shower a few years ago - yes, a bit backwards but it is all good) and she loves the details. The key to hosting showers is to plan ahead. I started in late July making things here and there until I was done with the decor a week or so in advance. So here is it is.... When you walked into … [Read more...]

the perfect bridal shower favor – diy mason jar soy candles

Mason Jar Candles

Bridal shower favors (and baby shower favors) range from really cute to really tacky, from useful to useless. They definitely are not a necessity, but when the showers are small enough, they are nice-to-haves. That is only if they are along the lines of the really cute and useful type of favors. Or if they are edible ;) I think mason jar soy candles have topped my list for favors from now on. I've seen tons of instructions out there but I used my dear bloggy friend, Tiffany from Living … [Read more...]

welcome baby – pink and gray baby shower decorations

Happy Monday folks! Today is my first day at my new job and I'm actually in route to Denver until Friday. I have a week of meetings which should keep me on my toes for my first week on the job. We had a blast at the wedding this weekend and I have few photos but as expected I had too much fun dancing and drinking with all of our friends. If you follow me on Facebook or on Instagram you may have seen a few sneak peaks. On Sunday, I finalized the pink and gray baby shower decorations I have … [Read more...]

yellow and gray bridal shower -a sneak peek

First off, thank you so much for the support on the career changes going on around here. I really appreciate it. I'll be back to normal after a few more days of rest, wine and cuddles with my furry crew. Second, I wish I had the photos taken at the yellow and gray bridal shower to share but since they haven't made it my way yet, you'll have to deal with my iPhone photos for the time being. I was hired to take on a few decorations for bridal shower being hosted at a friend's house. What? I got … [Read more...]

repurposing empty frames – guest book or memo board

I wanted to share a quick little versatile project which cost less than $10 to put together - repurposing empty frames are easy and inexpensive ways to add a little something to party. My favorite part of this project is that it can be tailored to any decor or occasion. Some of you might have seen this when I shared this over atLiving Savvy's Spray Painters Anonymous Meeting last month. Just in case you didn't or are a new follower, I thought I'd share it here as well.  This is my hanging memo … [Read more...]