repurposing empty frames – guest book or memo board

I wanted to share a quick little versatile project which cost less than $10 to put together – repurposing empty frames are easy and inexpensive ways to add a little something to party. My favorite part of this project is that it can be tailored to any decor or occasion. Some of you might have seen this when I shared this over atLiving Savvy’s Spray Painters Anonymous Meeting last month. Just in case you didn’t or are a new follower, I thought I’d share it here as well.  This is my hanging memo board or guest book created from an old frame.

I picked up this beautiful work of art at the local thrift store for a few bucks.

Not your style? Don’t worry, it isn’t mine either. I just wanted the frame. Something simple but with a little curves to add some interest.

After I gave it all a light sanding, I took the glass and print out of the frame and gave it spray with several thin layers of this satin graphite color.


Want to know one of my other random loves? Baker’s twine. I used a yellow and white one I had for this and just used tape to attach it on the back of the frame in a zig zag pattern. A  staple gun would have been great but I couldn’t find it so tape worked in a pinch. Just word oc caution, don’t use the tape. It started to fall down from the weight of the cards so a staple gun is much better for a long term solution.

Here is the frame with the baker’s twine all attached along the back.

I used this for a baby shower I hosted in December so I used these mini clothes pins to attach little sheets of blue card stock. This served as the guestbook and all the guests wrote sweet notes to the mommy to be on them.

Like I said earlier, this can be personalized in so many ways. Any frame, any color spray paint and any color twine. How about a fun little memo board for your office? Or family photos and mementos? I am definitely making one to match my holiday decor colors and display all my Christmas cards next year.

Can’t get much easier than this. A simple and versatile frame display board and all you really need is a cheap frame and some spray paint to get you going.

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