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I can’t believe we are in December! Seriously, this year and all the craziness has gone by so fast! This is my first holiday season at the new job. Over the past few months, my team had hinted at holiday gifts that were shared last year. Here is the thing, I have a team of 3 who report to me but a whole bigger team of people I work with daily. They are all great people who deserve a little something as a thank you for everything they do. I would have felt strange bringing something for my team and not our bigger group. What the hell do you do when more than half of them are guys? And that is why finding an easy holiday gift for guys was so important this year.Beer and the Dollar Tree save the day. And Thistlewood’s monogram glass idea. I bought $1 beer mugs and turned them into personalized beer mugs for the team.

Do you love my  kitty helper while I’m working on the mugs? I used my Silhouette to cut out everyone’s initial using contact paper. One thing I noticed is if you are using a circle image, make sure you don’t make it too big because it is hard to center/wrap on the mug.

I bought some etching cream called Armour Etch and used it to glop on the mugs. I waited the few minutes like the directions said. I washed it off and nothing happened…at all. So I glopped (yes, that is a word) more on the mugs and left it on for a few more minutes. More like 15 to 20 minutes while I was making dinner and running randomly around the house.

After dinner was done and I washed down the mugs, I ended up with these beauties. B is for one of my coworkers and D is for Mr. David Gonos, writer and fantasy football extraordinaire. I’m annoyed his photo is all blurry. If your hubby likes sports, send him to David’s blog so he finally understands why blogging is so fun.

I used regular brown lunch bags, some stamps I’ve had forever and some washi tape to decorate for wrapping. All in all, an inexpensive and easy holiday gift for the guys in your office.

I also have a few girls on the team, including Rae from The Discount Diary. I just used mini kraft bags with the same embellishments for the wrapping. The gift for the three ladies on the team? A bottle of cute nail polish.

Honestly, I never thought it would be so easy to make holiday gifts for guys. I’m handing them out today and I hope they all like them ;)

Not sure I’ll be around again before the new year so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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    It’s OK that my mug’s picture came out blurry, since most of the things I see after drinking out of your gift will be a little blurry too. Ray should have tested each mug to make sure beer wouldn’t drip through the bottom. — THANKS ANNA!

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