repurposing empty frames – guest book or memo board

I wanted to share a quick little versatile project which cost less than $10 to put together - repurposing empty frames are easy and inexpensive ways to add a little something to party. My favorite part of this project is that it can be tailored to any decor or occasion. Some of you might have seen this when I shared this over atLiving Savvy's Spray Painters Anonymous Meeting last month. Just in case you didn't or are a new follower, I thought I'd share it here as well.  This is my hanging memo … [Read more...]

this is halloween – pearly pumpkins

I'm pretty sure if we do a Halloween party, I'll do my usual food table and then a candy table. Not sure anyone will really consume that much candy but I've always wanted one. Let's be honest, I just want an excuse to buy a bunch of candy. Yum :) I thought about decorating the tables with some pumpkins and skulls. First up, the pumpkins. Not really cute but they were super cheap!In comes spray paint - the cure for all things ugly. There is a problem with spray painting small things. Have you … [Read more...]

ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon – diy ribbon organization

I have a craft supply shopping problem. At least I can admit it. It doesn't help that the hubby encourages it. Yes ladies, he is a keeper for sure.I LOVE ribbon. I buy ribbon even if I don't have a planned project for it. I buy it just because it's that bad? The only problem with pretty ribbon is storage. My desk drawer system wasn't working at all so I was inspired on Pinterest to use a hanger to store my ribbon. Pulled out a hanger out of my closet and was thrilled with the … [Read more...]

music to my ears

My hubby knows I'm handy and can hold my own for most DIY projects but he shudders at the thought of me touching any electrical project. I've never done anything that would cause this concern so I just assume he's being an overprotective husband. Boys. I took advantage that he was preoccupied to tackle the doorbell and thermostat for the air conditioner. Minor electrical components but extremely easy to do if you follow the directions. These were things he has been putting off for weeks and I … [Read more...]