5th birthday celebration – streamer birthday decorations

Streamer Birthday Decorations - Directions Not Included

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm that sucker of a friend who always ends up doing the decor for parties, wedding, showers and the like. My girlfriend Z, started pinning all sorts of things for her daughter's 5th birthday, which I decided  to tackle myself after a few sweet texts. I shared the colorful fabric wreath, which served as the base for this party decor. This was last-minute crafting at its best so there are no step-by-step tutorials here. I created a streamer backdrop for the … [Read more...]

happy 40th – simple mason jar centerpieces

Simple Mason Jar Centerpieces - Directions Not Included

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. We have a bunch of projects in different levels of progress but the weather has not been cooperating. Rain and humidity don't really help with painting, staining and outdoor fun. While we have the house stuff all over the place, at least I was able to get some simple mason jar centerpieces together for a party. … [Read more...]

happy birthday to me and a personalized map gift

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm reluctantly celebrating by 31st birthday today. I don't think I mind the age part, must be that I still haven't gotten over being born on this holiday ;) We are keeping it low key just like I want it. Just a nice evening with the hubby, the mutts, sushi take out and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate.I haven't bought the Ray a Valentine's gift in years but I figured this year would be as good as any to change that. I bought them last month and was so excited about how … [Read more...]

happy happy – manly birthday party decor

Last week was my best friend's boyfriend's birthday. We completely surprised him with a little shindig at our place. S had a bunch of crafty ideas to personalize his party with so here are a few of the things we did.  Moustache straws for sipping our drinks. A's cute face for our disguises. My favorite part of this was separating the M&Ms. Yum!  A manly bar. I missed the pictures of the beer tub and the signage for it which looked great. The table setting before we added the cake. The bottles on … [Read more...]