ahoy there mateys – oirate themed party cupcake toppers


Can you imagine trying to throw a pirate themed party for a 5-year-old the week between Christmas and New Years? We have friends who have a little one born on Christmas Day and that is exactly what they did.¬†Given the holiday insanity, mom was running behind on decorations so I offered to make some quick things to pull the theme together. Unfortunately, the day of the party the wind was so strong we couldn't actually display anything without it all ending up flying into the ocean. I apologize … [Read more...]

yellow and gray bridal shower -a sneak peek

First off, thank you so much for the support on the career changes going on around here. I really appreciate it. I'll be back to normal after a few more days of rest, wine¬†and cuddles with my furry crew. Second, I wish I had the photos taken at the yellow and gray bridal shower to share but since they haven't made it my way yet, you'll have to deal with my iPhone photos for the time being. I was hired to take on a few decorations for bridal shower being hosted at a friend's house. What? I got … [Read more...]