2013 had its perks – top pins from 2013


I was the biggest slacker in 2013. No blogging. House projects all over the place. Crafting was not really consistent. I did blog a bit, and had some great pins. Some from 2013 and some from before, but surprisingly there was quite a bit on traction on Pinterest.  So here are my top pins from 2013. DIY Honey Wedding Favors - Everyone loves honey and weddings it seems.                 DIY Hangover Kit - My followers are … [Read more...]

pinterest additct – pinterest resolutions 2013


Happy New Year!! Last January I decided to give myself Pinterest resolutions. Maybe it was my way of justifying my pinning habit ;) but since I don't do real resolutions, I figured it would be fun. While I didn't tackle every resolution, I did make good progress so I'm planning the same for this year. It might just get me to have regular appearances around these parts again. For 2013, I'm recycling a few from last year and adding some more. Get more daring with my sewing skills on some … [Read more...]

pinterest resolutions – a mid-year update

Pinterest resolutions. Why am I talking about resolutions in July?! Because I just realized I'm majorly slacking on mine. I decided this year that I would do Pinterest resolutions by rounding up some of my favorites pins and deciding to tackle one a month. Here is the image as a refresher. And here is where I currently stand... Canvas prints using gel medium and transparencies - Fell off the radar completely. Make a piece of furniture with hairpin legs. - Purchased the … [Read more...]

sprinkle cake – a pinterest baking semi-success

My bestie, Shannon, ran her first half marathon yesterday. She made it and kept an amazing pace the entire time. While going through her training the past few months she kept saying she wanted a chocolate cake, so I promised her one she could indulge in after she got home from the race. I was on Pinterest the other day (really, do I even need to mention that? I'm on it all day, every day) and saw this adorable sprinkle cake. Sprinkles seemed like an amazing addition to the chocolate goodness I … [Read more...]

pinterest resolutions

I don't really do New Year's resolutions but I am making myself do some Pinterest resolutions this year. Yes, Pinterest resolutions. I'm sure most of you can relate. I pin all sorts of things I will never have or are not feasible with our budget, house or lifestyle BUT for every unattainable pin, there are plenty that are completely feasible if I just sit down and try do them. So these are my Pinterest resolutions for 2012. Let's put it out there now. I will tackle these 12 things inspired by a … [Read more...]

grad school = unfinished projects but lots of pinning

I have a good 5 or 6 projects in some stage of progress scattered around my craft room and the supplies for a couple of others stored away. Why does grad school have to get in the way? This week was horrendous but hopefully I'll get into a groove and finish up everything this weekend. Only 42 more days, only 42 more days. If I keep repeating that, I might make it to the end with whatever shreds of sanity I still have left. Besides the obscene amount of Halloween stuff I'm still working on here … [Read more...]