grad school = unfinished projects but lots of pinning

I have a good 5 or 6 projects in some stage of progress scattered around my craft room and the supplies for a couple of others stored away. Why does grad school have to get in the way? This week was horrendous but hopefully I’ll get into a groove and finish up everything this weekend. Only 42 more days, only 42 more days. If I keep repeating that, I might make it to the end with whatever shreds of sanity I still have left. 

Besides the obscene amount of Halloween stuff I’m still working on here are two of the other projects I’ll be doing this weekend. 

Ana White C-Table via
Message board via

I have two pin boards getting filled to the brim with projects to take on once school is done. Apparently, I still have time to pin since all my boards seem to get bigger every day. Pinterest is so much more entertaining than business law. Take a peak if you like!
House Projects
Crafty Time

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    Hah! I love it! Pinterest and the internet browsing in general! I look up and I;m like, where did that last hour even go?! Gasp! To do lists are always gonna be there, dream a little and enjoy the searching! :) xox!

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