pinterest resolutions – a mid-year update

Pinterest resolutions. Why am I talking about resolutions in July?! Because I just realized I’m majorly slacking on mine. I decided this year that I would do Pinterest resolutions by rounding up some of my favorites pins and deciding to tackle one a month. Here is the image as a refresher.

And here is where I currently stand…

Not actually going at the pace I thought it would be. I think my last two quarters are going to be very, very busy!

Did you make a pinterest resolution this year? New Year’s related or otherwise? Are you sticking to it or falling behind like I am?

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  1. says

    Good for you for making them, me no way!
    I always say “oh maybe next year” but at least you have some goals. Maybe they shouldn’t be resolutions, just goals.

  2. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    You are doing better than I. Though I do have quite a few half done projects. Can I add them together?

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