sprinkle cake – a pinterest baking semi-success

My bestie, Shannon, ran her first half marathon yesterday. She made it and kept an amazing pace the entire time. While going through her training the past few months she kept saying she wanted a chocolate cake, so I promised her one she could indulge in after she got home from the race. 

I was on Pinterest the other day (really, do I even need to mention that? I’m on it all day, every day) and saw this adorable sprinkle cake. Sprinkles seemed like an amazing addition to the chocolate goodness I was baking. Look how stinkin’ cute this is?

Via - Kiss my Cakes

I’ve mentioned that I am a messy crafter and painter before so it should be no surprise that I’m not the neatest baker. The thing is, my crafts/renovation/painting jobs look great when done. The only downfall is that I’m usually covered in the evidence of my project from head to toe. Decorating cakes with millions of little sprinkles just equals a mess of epic proportions. And a cake that looks nothing like my inspiration. Sigh…

When the hubby woke up and realized the mess I was making he declared “No more sprinkles for you!”. Of course this was after I had already cleaned up as much as possible to hide the evidence. He doesn’t know that I had two little helpers, Lemur and Lily, eating sprinkles and chasing them as they crashed all over the kitchen floor. We may have some colorful potty breaks with the cats and dogs today…

The cake doesn’t look quite like the inspiration but it is still cute! And I was assured it tasted great after 13.1 miles. 

I’m so proud of her for setting her goal and doing as well as she did!

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  1. says

    It was definitely the best race cake I’ve ever had, and honestly helped get me through miles 6-10… I just kept repeating “chocolate cake” over and over again!!! Miles 10-13 were more like “just finish before you die”, but after the race that cake brought me back from the dead!!:)
    Thanks for making me a gluten treat with lots of pretty sprinkles that looked better than the inspiration cake… you’re the best!!! xo

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