this is halloween – bat obsession

This Halloween it seems, I  have a bit of a bat obsession. The front door wreath that is in progress has bats, there is a bat garland in my dining room and by this time next week I'll have hanging bats all over the house. Pictures and tutorials to come, I promise. It has been a long work week for me and pictures taken late at night after working at 12+ hour day don't really come out well enough for blog posting. In the meantime, here are a few of the inspiration pictures for my bat … [Read more...]

this is halloween

Is it too early for Halloween ideas? I hope not because I am already planning. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Love it. I've been threatening the hubby for years that once we had a big enough house, holiday decorating would be a big deal for me. I think he thought I was joking until I came home with more Halloween ribbon...last week. I told you I had a ribbon problem.I'm working on him to host a big Halloween party. If we get good traction on our second phase of renovations by the beginning of … [Read more...]

start being awesome

 Another Pinterest inspiration. Are we noticing a trend here? My friend fell for this and since she swears she is not crafty she recruits me to make it for her. It was available at some point at an Etsy shop but the link no longer is valid. Via Pinterest - Etsy link is brokenA funny tidbit for you - this friend reports to me at work. We have been friends outside of work since before she started reporting to me. I think her recruiting me to do her craft projects is her way of getting me back for … [Read more...]

pass the coasters – tile coaster tutorial

I've had a stack of plain paper coasters I bought to decorate with a paper Mod Podge technique for awhile. I thought they would be easy to have on hand when we have big groups of people over and really simple to store. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest with tiles I thought it would be a great idea for more permanent coasters. 4 x 4 white tiles from Home Depot were 16 cents a piece making this a super inexpensive project to tackle. Paint brush, Mod Podge, paper of my choice and a blade. I … [Read more...]

brought to you by the letter m

Pinterest is causing my list of projects to get longer and longer each day. I wouldn't have it any other way is lots of fun. I pinned this image awhile back and decided to tackle it this weekend. The great thing about Pinterest is the ability to go back to the original source of the link, in this case, I'll Get You My Pretties.Original Tutorial - From My PrettiesI raided the hubby's tool box and lucky for him, there wasn't a wide selection of washers.  I picked up a few packs of … [Read more...]