pretty packaging – as easy as it gets

Hope you all had a good weekend! We kept it low key for the most part. Next weekend we get back into the swing of renovations. Everyone needs a break, right?! I hope so because since we hosted the baby shower in December we have slacked...even more so with all the changes in my life. I love giving gifts and I love the wrapping almost as much as the gifts themselves. We had a bunch of festivities this past weekend including a baptism and two three year birthdays so wrapping the gifts was a … [Read more...]

wedding place cards – elegant and easy

Weddings! I love them but I am thankful I never had to get married again...fingers crossed that after 11 years together we are in the home stretch ;) One of my dear friends is getting married on Saturday here in South Florida. Planning a wedding is not fun but planing it from afar makes it worse. She panicked on me a few weeks ago and mentioned that she still didn't have wedding place cards. I calmed her down and promised to help her out since she has been in New York this entire time. We … [Read more...]

a crafting challenge – crepe paper garland

A few weeks ago, a few bloggy friends decided to form a group to support and challenge each other. We thought it would be fun to do a regular post making a craft out of the same material just to see how we would each interpret the challenge. Our first material was crepe paper. When I think of crepe paper, my mind automatically goes to crepe paper streamers. What I wanted to try out was making a crepe paper garland. After all, isn't crepe paper the same as tissue paper? After a bit of research, I … [Read more...]

visiting type a decorating – holiday tile coasters

Hope you are all having a fine Saturday. I'm taking a break from this weekend's project list to visit with Tammy at Type A Decorating. I'm participating in the 25 Days of Christmas Guest Bloggers series. I'm sharing how I made these holiday tile coasters which are great as gifts and perfect for adding a little extra decor to your home. They are so easy you still have time to add them to your list before Christmas. Trust me. Stop on over for a visit. If you are coming over from Tammy's … [Read more...]

pass the coasters – tile coaster tutorial

I've had a stack of plain paper coasters I bought to decorate with a paper Mod Podge technique for awhile. I thought they would be easy to have on hand when we have big groups of people over and really simple to store. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest with tiles I thought it would be a great idea for more permanent coasters. 4 x 4 white tiles from Home Depot were 16 cents a piece making this a super inexpensive project to tackle. Paint brush, Mod Podge, paper of my choice and a blade. I … [Read more...]

paper wine charms

Wandering around Michael's I found packages of these earring hoops and realized they look just like the ones used for charms I once had for my wine glasses. You know, the ones that everyone gave as housewarming gifts years ago with little beads on them. I was never a fan of the look but I used them because admittedly, wine glasses are hard to keep track of when you've been drinking ;) Problem solved - I could make ones that would be more our style. Paper would be the easiest option since I have … [Read more...]