wedding place cards – elegant and easy

Weddings! I love them but I am thankful I never had to get married again…fingers crossed that after 11 years together we are in the home stretch ;)

One of my dear friends is getting married on Saturday here in South Florida. Planning a wedding is not fun but planing it from afar makes it worse. She panicked on me a few weeks ago and mentioned that she still didn’t have wedding place cards. I calmed her down and promised to help her out since she has been in New York this entire time. We talked through a few ideas and came down to something simple with the same font as all the wedding stationary. It is a black tie wedding with everything written out in Spanish and as formal as possible, so I had to make sure it all tied in with the feel of what she had in mind.

After I found the matching font and the right colors for the papers, I got to work. Why is it that printers alway go crazy when you are on a deadline? Maybe it is just mine but it freaked out and I was stuck trying to get it to work and print on the off-white cardstock. Thankfully, it all worked out and I was ready to go after an hour of fighting with it.

After convincing the printer to work and triple-checking the names, everything was printed and ready to cut down to size. It is hard to tell but the rectangles around the names are not solid lines, it was actually a really thin dotted line which made it easier to cut off.

I used my trusty adhesive gun to tape down the printed names to the moss green folded tent place cards. As simple as they are, these wedding place cards are perfect fit for the overall wedding.

I can’t wait to see them all set up on display the night of the wedding. Hopefully, I will grab a photo if I am not too busy dancing and drinking the night away.

I can’t wait for this weekend! I have my dress ready to be picked up tonight, the hubby has his tux ready, and all the little details ready to go.

Did you have a formal wedding or something completely different? We went pretty untraditional but had some parts that tied in with traditional items.

Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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  1. says

    They look lovely. Have fun! I’ve never been to a black tie wedding.

    We had a very casual wedding. No place cards. No bouquet tosses. No toasts. No fanciness.

  2. says

    They look wonderful. I like that shade of green and the font is lovely. I cannot imagine planning a wedding in another state – ugh.
    I did the jewelry for a wedding here in Phoenix last year and the bride lived in San Francisco. She had to fly here almost every other weekend, tasting cakes and so forth. Added so much stress. Hope you are able to snap some shots for us – have fun!

  3. Toqua's Crafts says

    I too have never been to a black tie wedding. When my hubby and I got married we were pretty informal. We opted for a Hawaiian style wedding (in far northern NV). We ordered real leis for the wedding party, and had silk leis for all the guests. On the invites we put, “Wear your loud shirts and grass skirts”. It was fun. When my hubby proposed to me he put my rings in the prize of a Cracker Jacks package. At the wedding he had to get his ring out of a Cracker Jacks box! LOL Our pastor still tells us it was the funnest wedding he’s ever done.

  4. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    Formal weddings can be so fun. How often do you get the chance to get all dressed up? Mine was super tiny (17 people total) but it was perfect.

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