this is halloween

Is it too early for Halloween ideas? I hope not because I am already planning. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Love it. I’ve been threatening the hubby for years that once we had a big enough house, holiday decorating would be a big deal for me. I think he thought I was joking until I came home with more Halloween ribbon…last week. I told you I had a ribbon problem.
I’m working on him to host a big Halloween party. If we get good traction on our second phase of renovations by the beginning of September I might be able to work my magic.

In the meantime, I’m pinning away all my favorite decor ideas. I can’t wait! Anyone else planning for the holidays?





You can check out the rest of my Halloween board on Pinterest here: This is halloween

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  1. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    I just started pinning Christmas ideas. Sick right? I can’t wait for the holidays just to decorate!

  2. Tanya Anurag says

    I can absolutely understand your feelings. Festivals are so much fun. We celebrate Diwali in India and it is all about lights, crackers, decoration, food and happiness. It is usually celebrated in October or November (there is no fixed date, depends on the Lunar Calendar) and I get excited about the decoration 3 months in advance :) I love Christmas for all the bling and cheerfulness. Festivals bring out the best in everyone !!

  3. says

    I’m seriously OBSESSED with Halloween, so excited for it this year. Last year we hosted a party- I cooked for over 70 people!! Convince your hubby to let you!

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