phase 2

Our house renovation is being done in phases. Why? Because money does not grow on trees (unfortunately) and we don’t have a ton of time to spare. We have pretty much finished up the front part of the house. Is it all furnished? Do we have base boards? Are all the light fixtures done? Of course not! But it looks nice enough to invite people over for dinner and drinks now. Pictures to come soon :)
That is enough for me to start planning how we are going to tackle Phase 2. What is included in Phase 2 you might ask….well, let me show you what the back of our house currently looks like.

This is the view of our family room from the bar area. complete with concrete block area where we pulled out a built in book case. We’ll finish up that hole to use to display art. We already replaced the broken sliding door with an impact glass french door for those pesky hurricanes. Cameo of Dylan and Maggie in this shot ;)

View of the family room into the master bedroom. The beams need to be refinished, we have to insulate that ceiling and add paneling or something to hide the insulation and new the AC ductwork. Lots painting needed and we are going to close in the hole left from the double door entrance we had into our master. 
Another view of the family room. The white door on the back wall leads to the hubby’s art studio. Disregard the random furniture and items on the bookcases…we just threw everything there to get it out of the way.
And this beauty is our master bedroom. No ceiling, the entire contents of the hubby’s work-in-progress studio thrown around, and an AC unit right smack in the middle of our closet and bathroom. Next steps, drywall on the ceiling, build a closet around the new AC, blinds, paint, and move everything out.
Pirate bathroom! Needs the wallpaper removed, a good painting, and well….it needs to be gutted but there is no cash for that now. It is what it is. 
And last but not least….once we finish all the dirty work in the back half of the house we’ll be laying down a subfloor over the dirty old Cuban tile and installing the beautiful dark solid oak hardwoods to match the rest of the house. Like my half paint job? We’ll finally be able to finish off the step and have a nice transition into our family room.

There is lots to go…sometimes it seems like it will be endless but when I look at our before pictures, our during pictures and walk around the front part of the house, I’m just so amazed as how much has been done already.
Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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