bath crashers – please come crash my baths!

Have you ever seen the show Bath Crashers on the DIY Network? Matt Muenster picks up unsuspecting customers at big home improvement stores then renovates their whole bathroom. He creates dream worthy spaces from otherwise ugly and outdated bathrooms. I’m insanely jealous of all those who get his bathrooms.
I fantasize that this will happen to me. Seriously. I walk aimlessly around Home Depot in hope that one day I’ll see him and can sweet talk him into coming to our house. Most of the people on the show have one ugly bathroom in their house they have never updated. I wish that was the case for us. We don’t have one ugly bathroom. We have three hideous bathrooms. Really, really hideous. 
This is the guest bath that connects to our office and family room. Decorated with pirate ship wallpaper and a vintage color scheme. I really intend on getting this wallpaper down soon. Hopefully before the one year anniversary of us being in this house. I’m a huge slacker when I don’t want to to do something.
This is the most presentable bathroom. Pink and blue with a peel and stick “stained” glass window and peel and stick vinyl tiles over the original floors. You know, since vinyl tiles are much better than 1950s tile pink and blue tile on the floor.
Sigh….and this is the master bathroom. It still looks like this. On top of this ugliness, just picture it full of tools and boxes.  I refuse to use it so it is just storage for the time being. It is a nice large bathroom, which will be lovely when we make it all spa like.
One day I’ll get bathrooms that look like this instead…




Matt Muenster if you are out there please come crash our bathrooms. Pretty, pretty please. If not, can a lump sum of cash just drop out the sky so we can start renovating the bathrooms now?! Sigh…
Do you ever catch yourself watching any of those shows on the DIY Network or HGTV dreaming that would happen to you? Please tell me I am not alone…or maybe I am ;)
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  1. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    you have to check out this site you will probably laugh and then cry to think there are people out there that would want to save those rooms. I’m not going to go so far as to say I love any of them but they are kind of fun in a retro sort of way. I say embrace them and make them super funky until you renovate!

  2. says

    On another note, the colored toilets and sinks would look pretty if the rest of the room was updated. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think the right color palet would make them more modern.

  3. Tanya Anurag says

    OMG… those pictures of beautiful bathrooms have left me drooling. Can somebody actually have such gorgeous bathrooms :O :O

  4. Kim says

    Hi, I love watching Bath Crashers. Our bathroom is in desperate need of a CRASH. Our bathroom is small & only has a shower, toilet & sink in it. The tiles on the ceiling over the shower are starting to mold because there isn’t any ventilation in the winter months & I’m afraid that it’s turning into black mold. If it hasn’t already. Also I’m not to sure that the tiles aren’t asbestos either. We can’t afford to do this on our own. I would love to have our bathroom crashed. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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