subway tile backsplash – installation is not so bad!

I'm so excited about this project. I laid tile and so far so good!We started our kitchen renovation last December when we gutted the kitchen and started slowly rebuilding it. Since April we have had an almost complete kitchen. It has been fully functional but really needed the finishing touches. I was getting quite tired of looking at the random patched up walls. The hubby was so hesitant to let me tackle this but I'm so glad we decided to do it ourselves. These are the first three tiles I have … [Read more...]

tiling fun – subway tile backsplash time

We never had any intention to install our own backsplash. Actually, I should rephrase that....Ray never had any intention of letting me install the backsplash. I wanted to try it after watching too much HGTV and DIY network. Our walls are not exactly straight and since we decided on white subway tile for our backsplash, he convinced me to leave this to the experts. So we have been living with plain white walls since April when we did our initial reveal of the kitchen. These two photos were taken … [Read more...]

bath crashers – please come crash my baths!

Have you ever seen the show Bath Crashers on the DIY Network? Matt Muenster picks up unsuspecting customers at big home improvement stores then renovates their whole bathroom. He creates dream worthy spaces from otherwise ugly and outdated bathrooms. I'm insanely jealous of all those who get his bathrooms. I fantasize that this will happen to me. Seriously. I walk aimlessly around Home Depot in hope that one day I'll see him and can sweet talk him into coming to our house. Most of the people on … [Read more...]