a little help from our friends – porch column cover up


The saga of making the front of our house presentable continues. We are not close to being done, but we've made the porch and the front of our house a goal for 2014. We've made progress with lots of paint on the brick, door & ceiling, etc. But it still needs helps. Those old scroll-like columns drive me nuts. I've lived in two old Florida homes with them and I want them gone in this house. In comes my dad who is going to help us figure out decent porch column cover ups.  … [Read more...]

a fresh start – tackling florida landscaping

When we bought this lovely little home, we inherited an insanely rundown property. As much as the hubby wanted to tackle the landscaping as soon as we had the keys in our hands, I made him wait. I wanted the inside of this crazy house in a mangeable state before he started doing work outside. We improved our backyard quite a bit but the front has been looking pretty cruddy. Now that hurricane season is approaching again, it is time to get the trees under control and plant new landscaping before … [Read more...]