keeping myself entertained

I kept myself entertained and out of the way during the demolition derby by removing all the ancient curtains and rods. Some of the curtains must have been originally white but had a horrible gray/yellow color from all the years of not cleaning. What a great feeling to get those down and out of the house. They were so gross. I also removed all the wall plates for the electrical outlets and light switches so we could get ready to prime and paint. 
My little DIY project to keep me occupied and outside when it was too dusty in the house was to make this outdoor lantern a tad more in line with our design scheme:
Our house does not have a modern look to it from the front and we will eventually change that by painting the brick and streamlining the porch and walkway. In the meantime, I took down the archaic light that was installed with a horrible yellow bulb and bought the light above from Home Depot. All the brushed nickel ones were over $50. I didn’t want to spend that on what was likely just a transitional light for us until we re-finish the exterior of the home. So I found this light for less than $15 and purchased a can of brushed nickel spray paint. The end result was this:

Works for now.
Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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