holy moly, I’m an MBA!

I’m officially done with my MBA! I still can’t believe I’m graduating today. 18 months of a crazy executive MBA while working a demanding full time job and renovating a house by ourselves. I’m not quite sure how I survived. To be honest, I shed a lot of tears and had many meltdowns but I am so glad I finally committed to this. It is something I had to do for myself and I’m glad I did as well as I did.

This afternoon, I’ll be walking down the stage where I picked up my BBA over 9 years ago. I’m so excited. In all honesty, I could have not done it without the amazing support of my husband. I need to thank him for all the nights he dealt with the kids (dog and cats in this house), dinner, my meltdowns and everything that came with an overwhelmed and stressed out wife. 

And I may have scored one of these on Black Friday as a graduation gift :)


I’m the happiest girl today. I really am. 

What am I going to fill in all my free time with now? I’m toying with the idea of more classes with a social media and digital marketing focus, more consistent blogging and maybe a Ph.D…

Yes, I understand that is not normal but it is the truth. I never said I wasn’t crazy. 

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  1. Kelly says

    Congratulations!! That is a huge, HUGE deal. I hope you get lots of rest and relaxation… at least for a little while?

  2. Becca says

    Hey! Congrats! That’s totally awesome! I actually took the GMAT on the 5th. Hoping to hop into a full time MBA program this fall! You should be proud to finish up, and while working! Great job!

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