metallic chevron tile coasters tutorial

It is no secret that I love using inexpensive tiles as coasters. At 15 cents at the local hardware store, it makes for a perfect medium to getting creative. I had a special bloggy friend in mind when I made these so I went with a metallic chevron pattern. This was a complete experiment and I love they way they came out. I love it when experiments actually work out well.
I used the Silhouette to cut out a chevron pattern on vinyl. I did a full 12 X 12 sheet so I could cut it down to cover 4 individual tiles.
I have some scrap vinyl that I’m using for these stencils but I’m sure you can probably use contact paper. I used transfer tape to attach the vinyl onto the plain tiles.
This part is the experiment part. I had a tube of Rub ‘N Buff I bought with no project in mind. I decided to try it on the tile and it worked. Rub it and tap it in without smearing it off and it starts to stick. If you rub it too hard it will come right off so be patient.
I had seen some messy looking hands recently after using Rub ‘N Buff thanks to Cassie’s post about her nightstands so I decided to adorn some rubber gloves. I’m glad I did.
I took my time and covered all four tiles in the Rub ‘N Buff. I rubbed it in well but made sure to try and not smear it while working on it.
After letting the Rub ‘N Buff to dry off on the tile dry for a bit, I carefully peeled off the vinyl to start revealing the clean white tile.
After finishing off four tiles in the same way, I gave them a quick spray of a clear gloss sealant to make sure the Rub ‘N Buff would not wipe off. It stays on pretty well after it dries but I wanted extra protection since the end use for these tiles would be coasters.
What do you think? I hope my friend likes them. She should be receiving them today if they didn’t get there yesterday.
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Have you ever used a new product for a complete experiment? Was it a success or a disaster?

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  1. Debbie {Visual Eye Candy} says

    These are gorgeous. I made some coasters that were a complete experiment too, they turned out great! Love it when it works out. The metallic chevron is amazing. I’m pinning this!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh–I totally want to make those. (But in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that, if some really creative person such as yourself person were to make those and sell them on Etsy, I’d probably buy them there. Just sayin’…)

    Nice job!

  3. says

    “I decided to adorn some rubber gloves. I’m glad I did.” Aw. Look at that! The rubber gloves clearly did its purpose. :) And the paint even added a design on your gloves, right? ;) Anyway, cool zigzags! It’s very stylish!

    Malinda Chaudhry

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