pinterest semi-fail – succulent wreath or centerpiece tutorial

This post would be more appropriately titled “Why I am not allowed to play with plants”. Seriously. I got all excited with the succulents available at Home Depot the other day and decided I wanted to try my hand at the succulent wreaths I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. You see where this is going, right? Me + succulents = certain death.I found a great tutorial for making a succulent wreath and organized all my supplies since it seemed easy enough. A wire wreath form, moss and succulents.

I went to work while sitting on my porch. These are the types of projects I can only do when the hubby is not home and are the reason he got me my own camera this year. If he would have seen the condition of my hands while I was taking these pictures, he would have had a heart attack.

At this point of the succulent wreath making process, I was feeling really confident that I had it under control. It looks good, right? Needs more plants but otherwise promising.

And then I went to hang it up and it started to crumble. Plants falling out, general messiness, and panicky shrieks from me because I didn’t have the camera ready to take a picture ;)

So what is a crafter to do when a project goes awry? Well, turn it into something else of course! Behold a succulent wreath centerpiece. That was totally my intention when I started this wreath. Promise.

At least it looks good for now! Not sure the fate of these poor succulents in my hands but only time will tell.

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PS - If you are looking for a good tutorial that ends up with a real hanging wreath, check out the instructions here :)

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  1. says

    I kill everything too. Even succulents that are supposedly indestructible. Maybe it’s my house and not me? We’ll go with that. I like your purposeful centerpiece wreath…it looks really pretty with the candles! :)

  2. says

    I looks great laying down! However, I think the key to these vertical plant displays that’s not always mentioned is that you have to leave it flat for 3 weeks before hanging up so the roots have time to spread. They are what supports the plant, the moss is there to keep the dirt from falling out. So let it sit on your table as is for a few weeks and then try hanging it again!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  3. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    I’ve been dying to try that tutorial too I just don’t have any doors to hang a wreath on (mine all have huge windows). Maybe I’ll take a page out of your book and make a centerpiece instead!

  4. Jody says

    Succulents are the best plants. Love them! And I have totally been wanting a wreath like you made and I am totally afraid to do it . . . I think the centerpiece idea is the way to go. Maybe it will hang better once the roots get a little more, well, rooted?

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