tuesday crush – terrazzo floors

I’m so relaxed and recharged after a random Monday off. Having a whole day to myself let me catch up on my house projects, a couple of crafts and some thrifting felt great. I even came home with some goodies I will share soon!
Recently, it seems we’ve been talking about the houses we put offers on before this one. It took us a really long time to find this place and during our search we put offers on three houses that we ended up losing to bidding wars or stupid bank circumstances. Not that we feel we missed out on the houses but we have been curious as to what has become of them because we obviously liked them since we bid on them.
Funny enough, all three houses had terrazzo floors, which is something that this house does not. They are pretty common in South Florida, especially for the age range of the houses we were looking for. As we think about floors for our family room, terrazzo floors are not in the picture but I still love them. Here are some that catch my eye:
Do you ever think of the houses that could have been? Do you drive by any of them? Miss them or wish you would have ended up with them? We are grateful we ended up with ours since we do love it more than the others but it is always fun to day dream of what could have been.

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  1. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    We definitely still stalk the houses we almost bought. If only to reaffirm our love of this one. I think it may be a Florida thing but stone floors in a house are pretty new to me. Don’t they get cold? (or is that not a problem?)

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