keeping clean with pets – how to have a clean home with smelly animals

So as many of you know, we are that crazy family with 5 animals. Most “normal” people think we are insane and think our house must have an unbelievable stinky animal smell to it. In reality, if they were not barking (or meowing) like the unruly creatures that they are, most days, you couldn’t tell we had pets. I say most days because animal hair if not vacuumed every day, multiplies in my house. And there are those days that I have no energy to vacuum so the hair stays BUT the smell is not there.

My tricks? Not really tricks but diligence in keeping clean. I have three tips that don’t include the creatures.
  • Washing their toys in hot water at least every other week.
  • Steam cleaning the sofas. Buying a steam cleaner was one of my best purchases ever.
  • Washing the dog beds in hot water every other week. As you can see, Lily doesn’t mind the beds without covers on them.

It is time consuming but I’d rather have a fresh smelling home always without having to rely on perfumes or random stuff to cover the pet smell. I would rather there be no smell at all!

And of course, if you want your house to smell fresh, you need to keep the creatures clean too. I couldn’t help but have a couple of wet dog photos for laughs. Dylan looks normal but Maggie looks like a sewer rat…now you know where she got one of her nicknames…

Anyone have stinky animals and have some tips to share?

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    With 2 dogs and 2 bog beds for each, I try to wash them, but I’m not as diligent as I should be. The toys however, I am pretty good about because they carry them around all day and slobber on them! Then they get in my face and want me to play with them!

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