cyber monday – pick your plum

During your Black Friday shopping did you get yourself anything? How about something for the crafters in your life? If you haven't crossed everyone off your list or you need to reward yourself just because, then you need to check out this Cyber Monday sale at Pick Your Plum. Starting at 6 am MST, there are going to be 9 products available at one time at amazing prices. The 9 products they are going to have are among the fastest selling products they've ever had. To sweeten the deal - there will … [Read more...]

sponsor time: pick your plum affiliate

Have you taken a look at my sponsor section over on the right side of the page? Notice anything different? Last week, I added my first sponsor but he doesn't really count since I pretty much forced him to. RM Pottery sponsors other blogs so why not mine? Wives should get special treatment too!But do you see that new button right next to it though? These folks were not strong-armed in any way or form. Promise. I am now a proud affiliate of Pick Your Plum! I'm pretty excited to be able to share … [Read more...]

4 + 6 = 10

Happy Anniversary to us! Today is our 10th anniversary of being together. 4 years of dating, 6 years of marriage all celebrated on the same day. We had our first official date on November 5th, 2001. We went to lunch that day because my class was cancelled due to a hurricane watch. He asked me to marry him 4 years later on the same day during a weekend getaway. One year after that we were married on the beach. 10 days or so after Hurricane Wilma did a number on Miami.We still had our … [Read more...]