saying goodbye

As we finish packing and start loading the truck, I’m having a really hard time saying goodbye to our current house. This was our first place as a couple and we’ve lived here for 8 years. As if that wasn’t hard enough, this was actually the house I spent most of my childhood in. 
You see, this house was my grandmother’s. It was the first house my family bought when they came from Cuba and I spent most of time there as a kid while my grandmother took care of me.
Here is a pint-sized version of me with my Manene, my maternal grandmother, on the porch.
And another one of me playing in the litterbox sand box that used to be in the yard. That rose bush right behind my head is still there and thriving.
We’ve been renting the house from my mom and uncle and did a ton of work to it over the years. A true labor of love to help restore the house my grandmother cherished so much. Once I get my photos organized from those days, I’ll do some before and after shots.

The house is up for rent now and I’m hoping the new renters will take care of it the way my grandmother would have wanted. 

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