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So this is technically a DIY and decorating blog but today is my three year anniversary of going gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease so for today it is a food blog. Yes, I know you think it is strange that I’m celebrating an anniversary for being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that has no cure. You know what? After years of anguish, I am 100% better after going gluten free so for me it is actually a joyful occasion. It has been three years since I had normal beer and anything containing wheat, barely or rye. Thankfully, my last weekend of indulgence was in New Orleans and I dranks tons of Abita beer and consumed my fair share of beignets. Nothing like going down in the Big Easy.
Celiac disease is one of the most mistunderstood and misdiagnosed diseases in the United States so it is important to bring awareness to the cause. Life without gluten is not that bad so here is my favorite cookie recipe and an introduction to one of my favorite food blogs:
If you like peanut butter, these cookies show you that peanut butter and sugar make one addictive little cookie. No gluten needed! Shauna’s blog was the first blog I started reading when I started searching for gluten free recipes and it was truly amazing to see such great food and writing style.

I make these just like Shauna makes them and they are a hit. Sometimes I change it up a bit to add chocolate…who can resist chocolate and peanut butter?! I use Whole Foods 365 brand Organic Natural Peanut Butter and add in dark chocolate chips. They never last more than a few hours at my office when I make them. Give them a try. You won’t regret it.

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    I also have celiac and I LOVE the GF PB cookie! I literally make it all the time. People are always so surprised that I didn’t have to use flour to do it. Way to go!

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