visiting primitive & proper – project recap

Happy Friday!! Anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? 

We are off to watch one of our favorite munchkins perform in his Christmas show tonight then have a weekend of holiday parties. How did we get to that point of the year already? It seems like we have a holiday party of some sort for every day until Christmas. We’ll be squeezing in some painting, baseboards and tiling this weekend too…hopefully… 

I am absolutely thrilled to be over at Primitive & Proper today. Honestly, Cassie is an absolute favorite of mine. She is THE sweetest and has the most amazing ideas from spectacular furniture refinishing to simple crafts. I’m sure you know her already but if not, go on over and check her out.

I’m sharing a few of my finished projects over there today. If you are joining me from Cassie’s blog, welcome! I’m glad you have you and hope you stick around :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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