gallery wall – not the inspirational kind

I love my craft room, I really do. Is it perfect? No, come on, I’m a real person. It looks pretty in pictures but there is cat hair on things and an overall mess on more days than I want to admit.

There is a wall in the craft room I rarely show. The intention was for it to be a gallery wall of all inspirational images and things. Right now it is not that…it is looking okay but not what I really wanted.

I’m not thrilled about the placement. It needs some fine tuning and in places where there are empty frames, I should probably add something. I should also learn to take a photo where the the glare from the window doesn’t ruin the photo but I digress….

Want to know what I am drooling about? Check out my Gallery Wall board on Pinterest.

More come in the coming weeks. I’m off to IKEA today with my cousin, JandJHome. Stay tuned for some fun projects and hopefully, more frames for my gallery wall!

Do you like the whole gallery wall trend? If you have one in your own home, share it!

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    i have a gallery of my children and grandson’s art work down our hallway..i have a thing about windows with shutters, and was going to do a whole gallery of pictures of windows, but i have this pictures my kids drew when they were young, and one in college, so i framed them and hung them, along with one my grandson did…i’m not sure how to post the picture here…love your blog!

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