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DIY MidCentury Pet Bed - Directions Not Included

While I do admit that most of my 2013 goals and Pinterest resolutions were a bust, I did finish one. Well, at least part of one. I’ve been plotting making a piece for the house with hair pin legs since I found I bought some forever ago and they sat there taunting me. What better way to put them to use than a DIY midcentury pet bed for those ratty, I mean stylish, little mutts of mine.

Sadly, I lost the memory card that had the photos while I put this together but it was nothing fancy. I cut down some leftover 5/8″ plywood for the base to 25″ x 25″ and used some scrap 1 x 4s to form the edge around three sides. I purposely left the front edge a little lower using a 1 x 2 so it would be easy to get into. I was able to use my Kreg Jig, Jr that I got at Haven so there are no visible screws. So handy and fancy!  Since I didn’t paint the bottom of the bed, I screwed in the hairpin legs. Here are few crappy shots from my iPhone. Lemur clearly believes the bed is for her.


I just lightly sanded, primed, and painted it a satin white. After screwing in the hairpin legs, I had myself a fancy dog bed. Except there was no pillow. As much as I practice, I’m still much more comfortable cutting wood than I am cutting fabric. At first I couldn’t find the right pillow form so I tried to make one by making a Frankenstein pillow from two cheap bed pillows from Target. That was a disaster in every way and form. So I just threw a regular pillow on there and put a throw over it. It sat like that for months. No pictures of that embarrassment. It is quite shameful.

Thankfully, just after Christmas, I scored the perfect sized pillow form at Joann’s. And after a bit of pep-talk, I finally felt confident enough to cut the fabric. I used the same envelope pillow case tutorial I used here, and ended up with something much more respectable looking. It is not perfect but thankfully you can’t see it and the creatures don’t know any better.

DIY_MidCentury_Pet_Bed2 DIY_MidCentury_Pet_Bed1




















The kids love their DIY midcentury pet bed. It was initially intended to be for the dogs but Lemur has claimed it as hers.

DIY_MidCentury_Pet_Bed6 DIY_MidCentury_Pet_Bed4

Cats are jerks. If you don’t believe me, please enjoy this video, which I watch every time I need to laugh. My mutts have fallen victims to the bed stealing cats as well.

[youtube_video] G2vfq-KTx8Q [/youtube_video]

So while it was technically finished in 2014, at least I finished one of my Pinterest Resolutions! Now that I’m backing to making some small furniture pieces, I’m excited to tackle some more. 




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