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Happy, happy Friday!! I’m so glad it is here. I’ve had a busy week and it is only going to get crazier since I’m headed out to Denver all of next week for work. Want to know the good thing? I’m not really stressed. Yes, I’m busy as can be and stressed about doing a great job BUT I love what I’m doing and it doesn’t stress me in a bad way. That’s a good thing, right?

On Monday, I shared part of the gift I made for my girlfriend’s little one who is fighting a rare form of cancer. He’s a huge Star Wars fan but also a big Angry Birds fan. A bunch of mutual friends bought him an iPad when he was first diagnosed and had surgery which I assume helped him fall in love with the game. Following the theme of things I know he loves, I saw this DIY Angry Birds game idea on Pinterest, and knew it would be perfect for days Aaron needed entertainment in the hospital or at home.

This is my version of a pom pom DIY Angry Birds game. The yellow birds look more like chickens and I wish I would have had bigger googly (yes, that is a word) eyes for the pigs but I love it all the same.

The package including this DIY Angry Birds game, the Star Wars freezer stencil shirts and a gift card for mom and dad for some much deserved relaxation.

Any good plans for the weekend? We are planning for some fun with friends, a few projects and some sleep in preparation of my busy week in Denver.

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