project nursery – harry potter light switch

Lumos and Nox - Harry Potter Light Switch

While I have 800 projects in the works right now, it really seems like I'm trending with the Harry Potter themed items for you. This time, a Harry Potter light switch. Yeah, I'm out of control for the upcoming birth of my new niece or nephew, and my geek tendencies are showing.  I've seen many variations of this project on Pinterest, so I knew it would be an easy but cute addition to the nursery. I used my trusty Silhouette to set up the text for the project. Applying vinyl using transfer … [Read more...]

i lost my mind – disney wine & dine half marathon

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Yeah, so apparently I was either drunk at 8am last week or abducted by aliens temporarily. Or really, really, really peer pressured by my best friend. I registered for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Do you realize I don't really run? I mean, I do exercise and regularly walk/run 2. 5 miles. But run, like run a half marathon? No. I don't do that. … [Read more...]

project nursery – harry potter nursery art

Harry Potter Nursery Art - Directions Not Included - Birchwood Slices Nursery Art

Clearly the Harry Potter theme is going to be around throughout my bestie's pregnancy. How can it not? The room itself is not Harry Potter themed but that doesn't mean we can't add some Harry Potter nursery art to the mix. So far the nursery is lending itself to a modern, adventurer feel.  I picked up these birchwood wood slices at Michael's a few weeks ago with no plan in mind. I have a bit of a craft hoarding problem. I randomly just buy things I have no concrete plan for (please tell me I am … [Read more...]

beer tasting party – a success

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend including helping out with a surprise beer tasting party at a friend's house. In all the the excitement and last minute prep, we forgot the camera so I apologize for the iPhone photos. We had a hard time getting the birthday boy ouf the house to set up so it called for some last minute running around. This is the bottle cap inspired cake that was made with some of the snacks in the background. I'm thankful I was not trusted to make the cake. I made the … [Read more...]

beer tasting party – ideas

I have a dear friend who has made me her party planner. She is very sneaky. She'll ask me for my opinion on something and gets me hooked on the idea. Before I know it, I'm making all sorts of things before I have even realized what is happening. Baby shower? Done. First birthday party for her son? Done. Wedding? I have a list of to-dos to last me until their November wedding date. And yes, they did things backwards. She even told the priest I was her wedding planner before telling me! She's … [Read more...]