i’m just getting soft – simple valentine’s day idea

Simple Valentine's Day Idea - Directions Not Included - Pillow Boxes and Twine

Okay, maybe it really isn't completely growing on me but in my  old  age, "either I'm getting sensitive or else I'm getting soft". Yes, that is Bob Dylan lyric ;) I can't help it. I'm crafting for Valentine's Day. Eek. To be honest this simple Valentine's Day idea would not be possible without the Target One Spot. I  love dollar anythings. Dollar Tree, Target One Spot, Michael's $1 bins  - I love them all. When you pick up cute stuff at such ridiculous prices, you get in the spirit. At least … [Read more...]

my birthday is coming – simple valentine’s day wreath

Simple Valentine's Day Wreath

Since I was born on Valentine's Day, I have always had an aversion of anything heart and pink related. I've made a few crafts here and there but not really for my own home. This year, I decided to embrace it and add something for the front door since needed something before I put up a spring or summer wreath. For the time being, we have a simple Valentine's Day wreath to grace the front door. Shocker! It is heart-shaped and has pink in it! I might have been drinking when I made it. That is the … [Read more...]

cheesy heart paper chain – a valentine’s day craft


I'm a Valentine's Day baby. Being born on the 14th gives me a certain aversion to all things pink and heart related. I can't help it. I don't really decorate the house for Valentine's Day because of that. My office is big on decorating for the holidays. We had some major decorations for Halloween and the winter holidays this year. I had to chip in and make a Valentine's Day craft, even if it is not my favorite because I can't give up an opportunity to make decorations for something. These … [Read more...]

valentine’s Day white fabric wreath

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We've been pretty darn lazy these past two weekends. Not productive at all but to be honest, we needed the rest. I shared this wreath over at How to Nest for Less last month but since Valentine's Day (and my birthday!) is right around the corner, I wanted to share it here too. I made the white fabric wreath with the intention of making it simple enough that I could repurpose it for different holidays. Here is what it looks like now, all ready for Valentine's … [Read more...]

visiting how to nest for less – valentine fabric wreath

I'm taking a break from the renovations today to share an easy Valentine's Day craft over at How to Nest for Less. Erin is having a series this week with some adorable creations for Valentine's Day from several guest bloggers.I'm so happy she asked me to join so I could share this easy update to my fabric wreath. Stop on by and check it out when you can.If you are joining from Erin's today, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the visit and hope you stick around. Thanks for following … [Read more...]

valentine’s day – paper treat bags

Can I tell you the truth? I'm never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Actually, I pretty much have hated it my entire life. Why? Because it is my birthday. I was not big on my birthday being forgotten as a child due to the hype of the holiday. And now as an adult, I hate not being able to go out to dinner on my actual birthday because of the crazy crowds and crappy service. I guess I'm getting softer as I age because looking at all the adorable crafts on Pinterest inspired me to make little … [Read more...]