pet crafts: how to help build a patio

The mutts thought it would be helpful to give a tutorial for all those DIY pets out there. They were instrumental in helping us get the yard a little more presentable. Do your pets help out on your projects?

Step 1: Roll in the dirt bowl in the backyard every single day to ensure Mommy and Daddy understand that fixing up the yard should move up on the priority to-do list. 
Step 2: Supervise the placement of each paver to make sure you approve the location and spacing. After all, your little paws will be walking on this every time you go outside so it has to be to your liking.
Step 3: Notify Mommy that Daddy is working too slowly by barking incessantly. Also make sure to bark when Mommy reminds Daddy to put on sunscreen. It helps reinforce her nagging and she likes that.
Step 4: If you are a more refined mutt like Lily, stay out of the dirt and just pose for the camera. Not all mutts like to assist in DIY projects and that is okay.
Step 5: After Mommy and Daddy slave away for two days laying sod and pavers and move the patio furniture around, inspect everything to give them your seal of approval. They are waiting for some more sod and a few more pavers but so far we approve.
We think Mommy and Daddy did a great job with the basics. Now we can’t wait until they actually start landscaping so we can destroy run through all the new plants and hunt for lizards. For now, at least we know we won’t be getting baths every day from rolling in the dirt so we are happy. Much improved over this, right?

Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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