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I’ve never really spent much money decorating for fall. By the time I recover from Halloween it feels like Christmas is just around the corner and it seems pointless. As I started pulling out my decorations I realized with a few modifications, Christmas decor can quickly turn to fall decor and vice versa. 

I took out my trusty red table runner and three vases I had on hand from a bridal shower I threw years ago. Tip for cheap vases – find a local wholesale floral distributor. I bought 12 of these babies for only $2 – $3 a piece and I get so much use out of them.

I filled up the vases with with scented pinecones for an inexpensive but perfect fall scent. I also threw in the pearly painted pumpkins I made for Halloween. 

The leaf trinket plates were originally green and only $1 at the craft store. Nothing some pearly spray paint can’t solve. 

The berry garland was on sale so I bought a few strands for under $5. I wrapped it around the vases, threw in some pillar candles I had on had and I have a table ready for Thanksgiving.

Are you doing any fall specific decorating or jumping straight into the big holidays?

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  1. says

    i love the simplicity and natural elements! i actually just had pinecones as a centerpiece! we had collected them from the yard to glitter, and last night we finished glittering them, so they are no longer the centerpiece and have instead been glued to a wreath that we all contributed to.
    i love this look, anna!

  2. says

    I never really decorated for fall either, but when you write a blog you feel left out if you don’t! HA! I love those scented pine cones! I can’t wait to buy them for christmas!

    I was wondering if you would like to guest post for my blog series Spary Painters Anonymous? Let me know if you are interested!


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    Gosh I can’t even decide. I have some cute velvet pumpkins I usually take out for Halloween but didn’t this year. I am hosting quite a large Thanksgiving this year so I probably should get myself in gear. How do they scent pinecones I wonder?

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