happy 4th of july -yarn wreath tutorial

Happy 4th of July!! What are you fun plans for the day? We are doing projects around the house then having a picnic with friends on a golf course by our place. They do a great fireworks display and it is a lot of fun. Since we are not hosting anything this year, I slacked on the holiday related crafts. I decided it would be good to share the yarn wreath tutorial I used for the wreath I made for a friend last year. f

The supplies are simple enough – yarn, a wreath form and felt is all you really need.
Instead of trying to wrap from three separate piles of yarn I pulled a decent amount of yarn from each and tied them to start my wreath.
Wrapping the a yarn wreath with one line takes forever but thankfully with three colors it sped up the process. I found the easiest way of doing it was wrap it a few times then tighten it up.
This was done before I knew it. Watching a little HGTV while wrapping always makes it go by quickly :) Cute but a little too simple.
After cutting out some felt stars in a variety of sizes and colors I ended up with the finished product. I used quilting pins with a white pin top to add a little embellishment. Yarn wreaths are easy to make so I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Have a happy and safe 4th!!

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