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Cone Cat Scratcher

And with this post, I’m announcing I’m back. I will not make grand plans of multiple posts a week but my resolution to myself this year is to blog at least semi-regularly. It helps that this year we plan to tackle much of the pending renovations in the house so that should help with content ;) In the meantime, I have been crafting so I’ll start sharing those. Part of the remodel includes new sofas in the family room. In an attempt to keep the cats away from those when they arrive, I made a DIY cat scratching post to keep them entertained instead. Keep those filthy little claws off my furniture.

I picked up a little orange safety cone and some sisal rope. Lemur and Annie both LOVE anything with a rope texture so I knew it would be a hit. I had seen a few different ideas when searching for forms to use and settled on the safety cone based on this post. From all my yarn wrapped wreath forms, I know that the form below sometimes shows between the rope so I spray painted the cone white before I started.

Armed with a glue gun, I started wrapping the rope around the base. You’ll actually need a bit of glue to keep the rope on the square base, just make sure you keep it close together to avoid clumps of glue showing between the rows.


I left little gaps on the bottom of the base instead of trying to get all creative with my wrapping. It is much easier to cut some small pieces of rope to fill in those holes later like I did here.


Of course, as I’m working on this, Lemur decides she must be in the middle the entire time. She was actually laying right in front of the camera on the floor when I snapped this pic.

DIY_Cat_Scratching_Post_3 DIY_Cat_Scratching_Post_2

As you start working your way up the cone, it is much easier and you need a bit less glue. Just make sure you wind it tight to avoid gaps.


The top of the cone had a little hole so I just used extra glue and wound it up so it would lay pretty flat.


And there you have it, your very own DIY cat scratching post.


Lemur loves it.


Let’s hope a few of these around the house will prevent the naughty cats from getting too interested in any new furniture that comes our way.

Is anyone even out there anymore? Happy New Year if you are!


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