i’m on team aaron – walk for wishes call for donations

Team Aaron - Walk for Wishes

This precious little boy is my friend’s son, Aaron. Thankfully, this photo was taken what feels like forever ago. He is now cancer-free with clean scans for the past 15 months! They went through very scary times, but through the support of their family, friends, and his amazing spirit, they have pulled through the scary world of childhood cancer. You might recognize his story and shirt from here and here.

While Aaron was battling his disease he was granted a wish through Make-A-Wish. Around the same time that they were working on getting his wish granted, I was working with my day job on using our client gift fund to grant a wish of a another child. Getting involved with Make-A-Wish during the time when Aaron was fighting cancer really  magnified it all for me. It is such an amazing organization and I hope to soon be a wish grantor or other more permanent volunteer.

In the meantime, this year I am joining Aaron, his family and friends on Team Aaron during the Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes 2014. As Team Aaron, our hope is to raise enough money to grant the wish of one child. Every single dollar is a step closer to a our goal.


Can I ask you to skip your coffee or lunch out this week and just donate a few bucks for our cause? Donate here to help grant the wish of a deserving child. I hope they all are as blessed as this beautiful (and now healthy) boy is!


I’m working on a C25k program right now, and while I know I won’t be able to run this walk in its entirety, I hope to make the May one in my county. Consider donating today or signing up for the Walk for Wishes in your area – together we can help grant the wish of a deserving little one.



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