paint brush wars

I was banned from the house for a few days because of all the dust from removing the carpet, cabinets and dropped ceilings so I was very frustrated and antsy. I took the time to finalize the paint colors and after countless samples…probably more than $75 dollars worth of them…I narrowed it down to these colors Benjamin Moore colors:
  • Bird’s Egg- Living room and hallway
  • Antiguan Sky- Office/craft room
  • Polar Sky – Master bedroom
  • Feather Gray – Guest bedrooms and dining room
The family room and what we are calling the bar area, are still up in the air but since the rooms will not be ready to paint for a while it gives me some more time to test those areas. We are trying to keep the color scheme pretty simple, cool and light throughout the house so I may just end up using the same colors in those areas as well. Our current place is really drab since we tried to go too neutral and it is just boring so I was very eager to try something different for this house. Can’t wait to see the end result.
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